Cinderella coloring pages

The Cinderella coloring pages are based on the story of "Cinderella and The Little Glass Slipper". The concept of the story is based on the folk tale with myth-element. Cinderella is very popular among kids, especially girls. Little girls like her appearance as they can see on TV show or animated series. However, there are many variants of the story representing the life of Cinderella. The story focuses on a young woman whose fate is changed dramatically. The story also influences the popular culture in the modern era. Kids can meet this character in movie, book, live performance, and TV show. Cinderella's story can be found easily since it is really popular. Considering the popularity of Cinderella, parents can use her coloring pages to train their children. Kids can color their favorite princess with any color that they want. Cinderella coloring pages represent beautiful woman with eye catching costume and appearance.

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